Artist Terms & Conditions


Welcome to Swift Casting. These terms and conditions are issued to the Artiste on the understanding that for the purposes of tax, the Artiste is considered as a self-employed service provider and the Artiste should in no way be deemed to be an employee. Artists are employed by the producer of the material but responsible for their own tax under schedule D together with Class 2 National Insurance (and Class 4 where applicable). It is the understanding of Swift Casting (the Agency) that the Artiste undertakes work for other third parties and the Agency is only one of a number of clients.

Under these terms and conditions the Artiste will undertake rehearsal, performance, stand in, doubling and any other concomitant engagements. The Artiste will be required to undertake these duties on an ad hoc basis according to the engagements obtained by the Agency on their behalf.


All engagements through the Agency will be subject to 20% Agency commission on featured TV/film roles, modelling, voiceover work, featured commercials, and corporate work. This rates apply to all media.

Repeats, residuals, royalties, buyouts, re-bookings and any further monies accruing directly or indirectly as a result of the original engagement will be charged at the same rates. Any subsequent engagement arising either directly or indirectly from any engagement through this Agency will be subject to the appropriate commission rates as above.

If you join as an extra, you will be submitted for work when appropriate and if suitable work comes up,  mainly your profile will be on the website where casting directors will scout for talent.  Included in our Agency Casting portfolio and website you will be required to pay a contribution towards the annual cost. This is currently £59.99 for 1 year and £85 for  2 years including VAT.

The Agency reserves the right to increase this charge at any time and for any reason. The Agency is committed to notifying you at least 8 weeks in advance of the proposed increase. Artists are forbidden from making direct contact with end Client/Employer/Production Company (the Client), all contact must be through the Agency. Any further or secondary engagement(s) arising as a result of an introduction by the Agency will be subject to the normal Agency commission.

Actors and Talent

Your profile shall be on our website an you shall be submitted for work.  No fee is required and agency commission for all work is 20%.

Payment for Extras

Your payment is for us actively working to find work for you, and for your profile to be seen on our website for Casting Directors to scout for up and coming projects.

Payments are made of cleared funds weekly (usually every Friday) by the BACS system and it is the Artiste`s responsibility to provide details to the Agency of a suitable account into which these can be made (and any subsequent changes to account details).

The Artiste is responsible for all tax, National Insurance and any other payments due on monies paid by the Agency and has no recourse to the Agency for same. The Artiste is also responsible for adding VAT to invoices where they are registered for VAT.

No payment will be made to the Artiste by the Agency for, sickness or any other absence during a period when the Agency has offered and the Artiste has accepted work, unless expressly stated otherwise.

Professional Behaviour

Artistes will be required to honour all engagements and hold themselves available for provisional bookings (pencils), and not make any other commitments on dates given until they have been advised accordingly by the Agency. It is the Artiste’s responsibility to check the status of such
provisional bookings with the Agency.

Artiste`s must advise the Agency of any change of circumstances that affect their availability, work status or appearance and if necessary, have their photographs retaken by the Agency.

The Artiste must ensure that they conduct themselves in an appropriate professional manner at all times. It is important that Artistes are punctual for all engagements. If you have an out of hours problem (for example, you’re running late or unforeseen circumstances that prohibit you being able to honour a booking), please call 0207 846 0021 and leave a clear message on our answerphone. One of the bookers is always on call and monitors the answerphone on a regular basis. We must stress that you inform us as soon as possible as it will give us time to find a replacement if necessary.

The Artiste is required to maintain attire and personal appearance in a manner that is appropriate to the engagement and the environment in which the Artiste will be working. The Artiste must comply with any health & safety regulations that may apply.

All Artistes and models must inform the Agency of their wrap time and hours worked on photographic, pop promos, corporate videos and commercials assignments as soon as possible. Hair, make-up and wardrobe instructions must be carefully adhered to where applicable.


Whilst the Artiste is on engagements and while the Artiste is registered with the Agency the Artiste agrees not to make use of, divulge or communicate any confidential information which relates to the Agency or Client, except in the proper course of supplying services. For example, from time to time you may be exposed to various drama storylines; disclosure of these plots to the media or third parties will not be tolerated. Similarly, you are bound to keep confidential all script and cast details that you may be advised of or become aware of.

All Artistes are prohibited from revealing information about productions on which they have worked on via any form of social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The Artiste must also at all times use their reasonable endeavours to prevent the publication or disclosure by others of any confidential information.

Confidential information shall, without limitation, include but not be limited to, any information relating to scripts, plots/storylines, casting information, photographic material, launch dates, commercial developments, market share information, sales, pricing policy, proposed
acquisitions, financial results or financial strategy, business plans, technical information and know-how, business contacts, client lists and client information and suppliers or details of contracts with them, budgets, management accounts, trading statements and other financial

The Artiste may not remove from the Agency or Client’s premises at any time without advance authorisation any documents or any information contained on memory sticks, media devices or other privately or company owned electronic devices or by email or file transfer or internet
transmission. All such documents and information and any copies are the Agency/Client’s property. In particular, the Artiste may not use any material from the Agency or its clients to promote their services without the express written permission of the Managing Director. For
clarification, the photographs that are taken by the Agency’s photographer cannot be used by the Artistes, unless permission has been granted, the copyright remains with the Agency. The Artiste is not permitted to make any recording or take any photographs whilst on assignment and is forbidden from taking a recording or photographic device into any areas of production without the Client’s consent.

All scripts, notes, records and writings made by the Artist or given to the Artist relating to the business of the Agency or Client shall be and remain the property of the Agency/Client and shall be handed over by the Artiste to the Agency/Client from time to time on demand and in any event immediately upon termination of these terms and conditions. Any breach of confidentiality will be rigorously pursued through the courts and will result in substantial compensation being payable.


We would also like to inform you that we DO NOT offer refunds after making the payment of £59.99.

Your payment is for us endeavouring to find work for you, and your profile to be seen on our website and for Casting Directors to scout for up and coming projects. While we endeavour to find bookings for everyone, we make no guarantee that we will offer you any bookings at any time. You will be contacted when you are shortlisted for work

Termination of Agreement

We reserve the right to remove any Artiste from the Agency with immediate effect; the Agency is not required to give any reasons for the removal of the Artiste. Similarly, Artiste`s may terminate this Agreement at any time, for any reason, with immediate effect.

Data Protection

It is expected that all of the details the Artiste has given to the Agency, such as qualifications, skills, experience and any other relevant information, are correct. The Artiste must inform the Agency immediately should there be any change to the information that has been submitted,
including any change in appearance, as this may have a bearing on the Artiste’s ability to fulfil an assignment. Certain personal data, including photographic data will be kept on file for legal purposes, for administration purposes and for the purposes of day-to-day resource management.

The Agency will use the Artist’s personal information in accordance with our privacy policy as set out at [PRIVACY POLICY].

The Data Protection Act 1998 allows Artistes to have access to some of the information stored about them, in which case they should give the Agency 40 days’ notice in writing plus payment of £10 administration fee. Any concerns about records that are kept or about data protection should be addressed to the Managing Director.

Insurance and Indemnity Requirements

While you are on set or location base (or being transported by the production company) the Agency is not liable for injury (unless caused by our negligence) or for any loss of, damage or theft of any of your property. The production company is responsible for Artists’ insurance against personal injury while on set.

All clauses and paragraphs contained in this agreement are to be treated as separate and severable.

These terms and conditions can be amended or altered by the Agency at any time subject to written notification.

Please refer any queries to the Managing Director.

How to join us?

For all queries please see the Representation page on this website. Representation queries are not handled over the phone.


Tel. (44) 0207 846 0021