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This is just a quick email to let you know, any updates for your profile need to be emailed to us i.e age, height, stats, images, credits.

This will not be updated unless it is sent to us 🙂

We have some exciting projects coming up and we are going to do our best to get as many of you involved as possible.

Any shortlistings we need to let you know about we again will update you as soon as possible!

Have a fantastic and positive week!

We shall be in touch soon.

Many thanks

Katie Hayward

Swift Casting Limited
Tel: 0207 846 00 21 (Direct)

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sophie barker

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Yes I really want to get involved!

I will send you over some now!

Ok so there’s a lot that needs deleting! Please can you delete all apart from profile picture then put the ones I send you over now on my profile.

Kind Regards


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fiona harrington

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sophie barker

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to me

My credits

Dreamwheel : Extra (As A Waitress)
Fierce Fit Personal Training Service : Model
Flawless Photography Studio : Tfp Shoot (Portfolio Update)
Rinaez Beauty : Hair And MakeUp Model
Desi Fashion Fest : Catwalk Model
Asian Lifestyle Expo : Catwalk Model
Toni & Guy Hair Academy : Hair Model
Chips And Gravy Images : TFP Model
Cultures : Extra For Indie Rock Band Music Video
Kokoa_Eco : Skincare Model
DFMA Academy : Hair & MakeUp Model
DFMA Academy : Hair & MakeUp Model
STHelensPhotographyStudio : TFP Model
DFMA Academy : Hair & MakeUp Model
Simply Unique PR : Model
PAT Model Coaching : Catwalk Model
Manchester University : TFP Model
LouLou & Malgocio : Fashion Model

Sophie Barker

For more information or to book this artist please contact our casting team:

Sophie Barker

Height: 5ft 7in
Hair Colour: Brown hair
Eye Colour: Brown eyes
Waist: 28in
Shoe Size: 5
Bust: 34in

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How to join us?

For all queries please see the Representation page on this website. Representation queries are not handled over the phone.


Tel. (44) 0207 846 0021