1992 : Background extra for ITV drama “ Anglo Saxon Attitudes.
1992 : Background extra in “The Crying game”
1993 : The Young Americans, Harvey Keitel, ( Danny Cannon)
1994 : Doubled for Simon Callow in “Four Weddings and a Funeral.”
1994 : Backbeat, Film about the relationship between Stuart Sutcliff and John Lennon in The Beatles early days.
1995 : Fight scene in ITV drama series “ the Knock .“
1995 : Background extra, ITV drama, “ The vacillations of Poppy Carew.” : Background extra, “The Vicar of Dibley” The Animal Service! Background extra “The Vicar of Dibley“ Alice’s Wedding!
1996/7 : Two episodes of a Japanese game show, never shown in the U.K.
2013 : Background extra for a channel four comedy spoof award show, working title,“ Britains Crappest Criminals “
2013 : February : Viral film for Trill Productions London. (one of three mob bosses,playing poker)
2013 : February : background in an Israeli movie set in London, “ I’m With Her”
2013 : March 7th, Comedy sketch with Lee Nelson for comic relief
2013 : March, Music Video for ato productions,
2013 : April Rugby coach for student advert for Lucozade.
2013 : April, auditioned for and offered the part, drunken, womanising and bullying King in a stage production in Oxford. Currently in rehearsals stage, “The Jesters Tomb” from the Magic Quill Theater Company.
2013 : Short film, directed by Tommy Zalucki, on location in Cornwall. working title, ” Just Married ”
2013 : July, Advert filmed on location in France for Eurocamps new season, airs
2013. Chief Productions, Manchester. See it on You tube,” Eurocamp ad 2014″ me standing up in the canoe! (0:48 to 0:51) aired Boxing Day 2013.
2013 : July 21st, Featured Role for National Geographic Documentry, “Miracle Landing on the Hudson”
2013 : August 12/13th, lead role in music video, ATO Productions.
2013 : August 23rd, Action car driver, Harry Hill, the movie!!
2013 : September 1/2, Father to an adopted gay child, his story. short student film
2013 : October, Dignitary/Mourner. “The Royals” Pilot episode, with Elizabeth Hurley.
2013 : October, Journalist/C.I.D officer, “Evidence” with Faye Ripley.
2013 : October, MacDonalds Christmas advert, aired beginning December 2013.
2013 : November, Gang leader in an old folks home, Lead part, short student film but great!!
2013 : November 24th, Played Joseph in a modern day telling of the “Nativity” with Euan Mackintosh and Jill Buchanan.
2013 : November/December, Uniformed firearms Officer outside No 10!
2014 : January. background for Morrisons advert with Ant n Dec. (0:31 to 0:37)
2014 : January. Played a detective interviewing DR Harold Shipman. Crackett Productions.
2014 : February. Passerby in station, ” Man Up” feature film with Simon Pegg.
2014 : February. passerby/market shopper, “Eastenders”.
2014 : March. Advert for “Paddy Power”
2014 : March 12th. Music video with dance routine For band, “Family Rain”
2014 : April. Extra for feature film “Breaking the Bank” with Kelsey Grammer and Andrew Sachs.
2014: May 1st. Dry run for new channel four quiz show with Steve Jones.
2014: May 7th/9th. Wimbledon Studios, S.A for feature film “We Still Kill The Old Way” Starring Stephen Burkoff, Christopher Ellis, James Cosmo, Ian Ogilvy, Lisette Anthony.
2014: June 4th/5th. S.A. for six part t.v. series, written, directed and starring McKenzie Crook, (The Office, Pirates of the Caribbean)

Ray Richardson

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Ray Richardson

Height: 6ft
Hair Colour: Brown hair
Eye Colour: Hazel eyes
Waist: 36in
Shoe Size: 9
Bust: 44in

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