Credits: 2007, Musical, Robot, THE LOST CHRISTMAS, Theatre Street Performing Arts, Laurence Whyte
2009, Musical, Sonny, GREASE, Crown Woods
2011, Musical, Ensemble, HAIRSPRAY, Crown Woods
2013, Musical, Gaston/Ensemble, Medley of Musicals, Theatre Street Performing Arts
2014, Demon, Ways of seeing, Miskin Theatre, Claire Hardaker
2015, Stage, Chocolate Spread, Shelf Life, Miskin Theatre, Laura Holland
2015, Musical, Daniel’s Father, Theatre Street Performing Arts, Laurence Whyte/Hayley Love
2015, Musical, Sophie’s Father, Theatre Performing Arts, Carl/Nicola Munns, Hayley Love, Laurence Whyte.
2016, College showcase, Ensemble, Theatre Street Performing Arts College, Gary Watson.
2016, Musical, Mr Mayor, Theatre Street Performing Arts College, Seussical, Laurence Whyte and Hayley Love.
2018, Musical, Sabu/Prison Officer/Ensemble, The Producers, Eldorado Musical Productions, Jeanette Wallis
2018, Film, Simon, Realisation, Mariana Elicetche
2018, Play, Lee, Privates on Parade, Bob Hope Actors Company, Graham Johnson
2018, Play, The Stranger, Reynolds Training Academy, Adam Leese
2019, Film, Court Clerk, Superiority Complex, Allan Thurbon

Accents: RP, London Cockney, Mancunian, General Northern, General American, General Southern American, Estuary English.
Language: English.
Vocals: Baritone.

Manni Dhesi

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Manni Dhesi

Age: 22
Height: 6ft
Hair Colour: Black hair
Eye Colour: Brown eyes
Build: Slim
Waist: 34in
Inside Leg: 32in
Shoe Size: 10
Bust: 38ft
Ethnicity: British Indian

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