Family dynamic

Ok so… I am so proud of my team at Swift!! Hearing feedback from the casting director letting you know how great one of your clients did on their audition is truly an amazing feeling!!  We look forward to speaking to our clients afterwards and hearing how they got on, and wishing them the best of luck before. It may sound like a cliché, but we’ve built a family here, a support system between the team and our clients and even from client to client. We really are no normal agency.  As a team we like to attend the auditions our clients go to, as many as we can get too.  This week I’ve had such lovely conversations with clients guiding and teaching them, we really are blessed at Swift Casting! Here`s to a successful week at Swift!

How to join us?

For all queries please see the Representation page on this website. Representation queries are not handled over the phone.


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